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Chevron Gas Station LED lighting

Gardena, CA


We did a full turn key solution for this gas station. We started from the inside by switching all their florescent light to LED. Since these lights are on 24/7 they started saving energy right away. The Day light color of the LED lights makes the store look cleaner and more presentable.  Around the outside of the store we changed their area light to LED giving the store a bright look from the outside.We retrofitted their existing Parking lot light to LED and now the parking lot is more bright and safe.  The under canopy lights were changed to LED and now the pump area looks new and brighter. We suggested all solutions based on our clients needs and concerns and had our team of professional installers handle all the work.  

Warehouse LED Lighting

Tustin, CA


This warehouse was using very high amount of energy because of their metal halide 400 watts high bay lights. They also had a problem with not enough light distribution throughout the warehouse. We provided them with a solution of a 160 Watts LED high bay light that gave them close to 20,000 Lumens.   

Hospital LED lighting

Costa Mesa, CA


Their biggest goal was to change the look or their old lighting fixtures to a more modern look and design. We offered them our new LED Panel light that has a sleek and unique look. Their facility looks more presentable and cleaner while they save lots of electricity every month.   


Los Angeles, CA


The owner of this FatBurger wanted to have a day light look in his restaurant so we changed his regular fluorescent lights to a LED 5000 Kelvin Tubes. He is very happy with the new look and the savings in his electricity bill. He also has been getting many compliments from his customers about how clean his restaurant looks do to the new LED lights.  

Commercial Building

Irvine, CA


The Management of this property wanted to save energy while upgrading the lighting to a more modern look. We recommended them to change their regular down lights to a Retrofit look to give their property a more professional look while providing a brighter lobby for their tenants.   


Irvine, CA


The Costco managers approached us because their existing LED Jewelry display lighting was not bright enough and it kept burning out. We offered our high quality LED Jewelry case lighting and it was very successful. The quality of our LED lights brought out the true color of the diamonds and made it more presentable to their costumers. Right away they noticed an increase in their sales and 6 other Costco’s have followed and changed their LED Jewelry lights.    


Irvine, CA


The Costco Management wanted to get rid of the big bulky existing light fixtures and replace them with a LED light fixture that is more compact and brighter while saving money by using less wattage. We recommended our top quality LED wallpack that is high in lumens and only uses 70% less electricity. We had our professional installers perform the job in less than four hours. They are very happy with the new look and the fact that they are saving money every month on their electricity bill while also cutting their maintenance fees.     

Dentist Office

Lake Forest, CA


The dentist at this office wanted to give her office a newer and cleaner look and reduce their maintenance costs. We changed their existing florescent tubes to LED Tubes and saved them money on their electricity bill. 

Vehicle Registration Services

Hawaiian Gardens, CA


This light box had old fluorescent tubes inside it and it kept burning out. The owner was sick of paying high maintenance fees to keep it on all the time. We bypassed the ballast and installed our LED strips. Now they are saving money on electricity and maintenance fees while keeping a brighter presentation worry free.  

Commercial Parking Lot

Irvine, CA


The Commercial management company approached us to see if they can save electricity on their parking lot lights that are on about 12 hours a day. We ended up retrofitting their existing Shoe box fixtures with LED lights. They were using 400 Watt metal halide and we changed it to a 150 Watt LED light. That is a savings of 250 Watt per fixture. The parking lot looks brighter than before and they are saving lots of money on their electrical bill. They are very happy with the results. 

Commercial Building

Santa Ana, CA


The commercial management company wanted to increase the value of their property and make it look more modern. We offered them our modern LED Wallpack. This application  enhanced the presentation of their building and made it look more modern. 

Commercial Parking Lot

Irvine, CA


They wanted to light up their whole parking lot because they were concern about the security of their employees who work late night. We only attached two 300 Watt LED shoe box fixture to the building and with close to 40,000 lumens each the parking lot was nice and super bright.  

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